Learn reasons to foster children

Reasons to foster children

The decision to become a foster carer is often a well thought and meaningful one. Foster carers want to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in some way, shape or form. To care for children in need is to provide opportunities that all children deserve for a prosperous future.  We work with a range of foster carers, and they all have their own reasons to foster children in need of care. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you might want to begin this journey, yourself. 

You want to support their future 

A key reason that you might want to become a foster carer is that you want to make a significant contribution to a young person’s future.  

Many adults and young people who’ve aged out of care have gone on to live positive and happy lives, thanks to the generosity and support of those who’ve cared for them when they’ve not been able to live with their biological family.  

Whether those who’ve come into your care have experienced some form of trauma, or not, they’ll need you to give them a sense of safety, security and stability. These three factors are crucial for improving the wellbeing and emotional regulation of young people. They can also improve their self-confidence and social skills. All of which are important for living fulfilling lives where they, too, have the potential to become contributing members of society.  

Why do children need safety, security and stability? 

These three factors are crucial to a child’s development for their: 

Mental and emotional wellbeing 

When a child feels safe, they’re more likely to open up and express their emotional concerns in a healthy and constructive way. If children feel safe to express their feelings, they’re more likely to build positive relationships with themselves and others. 

Confidence and resilience 

When a child is safe and stable in their environment this reflects well on their self-confidence. If they are cared for by someone who can provide these factors, they’ll be more likely to feel confident in exploring the world and their own interests. 

Relationships with others 

Children need to be able to build healthy, trusting and meaningful relationships with others. If you can give them a home where they feel safe, secure and stable, this helps increase their level of comfort to engage with others. They will begin to develop or learn socialisation skills that will allow them to thrive in life. 

You’re good with children and young people and can support their individuality is another reasons to foster children 

Are you someone who’s had plenty of experience with caring for young people? Perhaps your own children or others? Or you’ve been told that you’re good with children? Well, these might be good reasons for you to apply.  

If you possess the following qualities, you might be great with dealing with children of different backgrounds and with different needs. 

  • You’re empathetic and great at listening 
  • You’re able to set fair boundaries 
  • You have the time and energy to spend with children 
  • You’re patient 
  • You can help keep a foster child connected to their family and culture 
  • You understand that every child is different and can respect and support their right to individuality. 
Top Reasons to foster children

You want to give back to your community 

Are you someone who enjoys volunteering and giving back to your local community? Then foster caring might be a great way for you to do that.  

Foster carers play a integral role in bridging communication between children’s birth families, their school, foster care providers, healthcare services, and the children themselves. Not only are they directly involved in the care needs of children, but they play an important role in community cohesion and supporting young people to become positive and contributing members of society. 

If you feel supported by your community, you’re more likely to want to give back and feel a sense of pride in your community. This is especially relevant for foster children who grow up feeling supported by their community; they’re more likely to be engaged with those surrounding them and contributing members of society, thus this can help to decrease crime-rates. 

Reasons to foster children - To support other carers 

Perhaps you know a carer and you would like to help them when they need a break. A great reason to become a carer is to support other carers. By becoming a respite carer, you can have the flexibility to care for children on weekends or short holiday breaks. This allows for their primary carer(s) to re-charge. 

You have the time and resources  

Another reason to foster children is you might think you could foster a young person because you have the time and resources to do so. 

Whether you’re an empty nester with a spare room or a family with a stay-at-home adult who has time to share with a young person – you could be a suitable applicant.  

It’s important that foster children have the space, time and attention of an adult to feel supported and that their needs are being met. Find out more about what your home set up should ideally look like to foster children and young people

To keep siblings in care together 

A lot of the children who enter out of home care, enter with their siblings. Unfortunately, there are children who are separated from their siblings as available carers only have capacity to take on one child.  

There is a high need for foster carers who can take on several children at a time, particularly sibling groups. The benefits of keeping siblings in care, together, are extensive. Some of the benefits include a greater sense of identity and connection to familial and cultural ties, maintaining bonds and connection to one another (especially to prevent trauma), helping them to feel safe and secure in each other's presence, and helping them to settle into their new environment.  

You understand that children are happy when they feel safe 

As we’ve mentioned, safety, security and stability are key factors that underpin a young person’s ability to flourish and lead happy futures.  

Unfortunately, in Queensland, there are more than 11,000 children in need of care and half as many registered foster carers. With so many children in out-of-home care, not all are currently being housed in permanent homes; with many in share homes or being separated from their siblings. This is just another reason to foster children.   

If you would like to become part of a solution that tackles these challenges to allow for children to feel safe and happy, we encourage you to apply today

For more information or to access our resources on what it takes to become a foster carer, please visit our resources page. 

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