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We know there is a lot of information out there about becoming or being a foster carer, and that this can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of key foster care resources to support those considering care, currently providing care and to support young people currently living in care.

Helpful eGuides to get started

Getting started

This eGuide helps you understand and navigate the foster care journey, including:

  • What is the role of a foster carer
  • How do you become a carer
  • A range of frequently asked questions

Foster care for families

Fostering is a family commitment and this eGuide supports open conversation with:

  • Conversation starting questions
  • Top tips for discussing foster care
  • Choosing the right time to discuss

10 Facts about Foster Care

There are a lot of foster care myths out there, but what are the facts?

  • Foster carers are as diverse as the children they care for.
  • The goal of foster care is to reunify families when it is safe to do so.
  • It's often life-changing, for both the children in care and their carers

Advice for future foster carers

We hope you enjoy these supportive words and advice from foster carers:

  • Open letter to new carers
  • The honest truth about being a foster carer
  • Advice about boundaries and having ground rules

Current foster carers

You can access the full list of Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women fact sheets here.

Children & young people living in foster care

  • My Journey in Care – a guide for 9-15 year olds including important information on their rights and advice from other young people in care
  • Kid’s Rights – a guide for 4-8 year olds including age-appropriate information on the Charter of Rights for children in care
  • Create Your Future – a website full of advice and support for young adults leaving care



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